Latest Law Changes

Effective June 11, 2020

  1. Locate marks are not required to indicate the depth of the underground facility given the potential change of topography over time.
  2. If the damage causes an emergency condition, the excavator causing the damage shall also call 911 to alert the appropriate local public safety agencies and take all appropriate steps to ensure the public safety.
  3. Additions to the makeup of the Safety Committee: A water-sewer district subject to regulation under Title 57 RCW.
  4. Changes to Safety committee complaint review panels: The review committee must be a balanced group, including at least one excavator and one facility operator.

APWA Color Code

The American Public Works Administration (APWA®) is a non-profit organization of companies, public works agencies, and individuals who created the Uniform Color Code – the universal marking guideline that should be used by all professional underground utility locating companies. It provides unanimous understanding of the marking of underground utilities for both construction and engineering projects. It helps to prevent accidents and damage to subsurface utilities by contractors, excavators, and anyone else digging around underground utilities.

For more detailed information about what the marks mean, take a look at the CGA’s Guidelines for Operator Facility Field Delineation.